Did you enjoy your Hyundai during you lease? We sure hope you did! Our team at Coggin DeLand Hyundai wants our customers comfortable with your vehicle throughout your lease and worry-free at the end. Regardless if you are releasing, choosing to purchase or stepping away from a vehicle all together, we have the information you need to ensure you are best prepared for your inspection.

Over the course of time, your Hyundai leased vehicle may have acquired some light, moderate or heavy wear and tear - we understand! From our furry friends sniffing around in the back to accidental coffee spills and even small dings & dents; no worries! Stop by within 60 days before your lease ends to have an inspection so you know what you are up against! You can start by conducting a self-assessment online using HMFUSA.com/lease-end-self-assessment and getting really up-close and personal with your Hyundai.

Check the exterior for:
  • Dent, dings or scratches more than 4" long
  • Chips in paint 1/2" or more
  • Punctures in body
  • Tires - Condition of the thread (depth), Rubber missing, Torn
  • Chips, spiders or bulleyes 1/2" or more in glass
  • Peeling, bubbling or scratching on tinted windows (if applicable) 
(You will receive a measuring tool that comes in your lease end kit which will arrive to you about 120 day before your turn in date.) 

Check the interior for:
  • Cuts, holes, burns or stains 
*More details may be looked at during the overview; please contact dealer for more details. 

Questions? Contact our team for a Complimentary Pre-Termination Inspection which is available to you within 60 days of your return date. A final inspection may be conducted depending on mileage, past due payments & state of vehicle, there may be additional fees. 

THATS IT! Looking to lease your next vehicle? Contact our team at Coggin DeLand Hyundai to tread new roads today! 
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